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Three New Blogs!

We added three new blogs to our family! Joining this blog will be: Wisconsin Supper Clubs @ Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fries @ Wisconsin News @ Take a look, read, enjoy, comment and pass the links on to your friends! Thanks Mark

We Are Live! is back in Wisconsin! We are live! There is still a lot of work updating pages, adding content, etc. but the September First deadline was accomplished! We are happy! Take a look, let us know what you think at

The Process has started!

This morning, September 1, 2017, we have started to upload and setup the NEW Website. It is far from complete, but we had September first as the deadline. We will be updating it daily for sometime in the future. Stop by, look at it. It should be up and running later this afternoon1

First Post – Hello World

Welcome to the new blog. is a travel, history and informational Website about the State of Wisconsin. It is in the process of a complete update. This blog will keep everyone informed of the progress. For the time being, the old Website is up and running.