Monroe Wisconsin

When I think of Monroe Wisconsin, this image of the court house square pops into my head. There are many other things about Monroe that I can think of, from Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern to Minhas brewery. I guess I have some ties to Monroe since I was born in it’s hospital a few years ago. I was born there but lived on a farm outside a nearby small town of Monticello. I have many memories of farm related trips to Monroe growing up on the farm. One of my earliest memories is sitting at the Baumgartner’s bar with my Dad and Grandfather having my first of many Salami and Swiss cheese on rye sandwiches. Today’s visit was a business trip, but I still had lunch at Baumgartner’s for my sandwich and chili. A Saturday Road Trip to Monroe is in my near future so I can spend more time there.

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